Thursday, November 1, 2007

halloween slackers

yesterday, when we were about to go trick or treating, i saw my neighbors, who never come outside, except to run to the minivan to go to church. i saw one child ,the ladybug. then the other one, the princess. i got excited! maybe they were going to come over to trick or treat. elena and i ran in to get the candy ready and to start getting her costume on. i was standing at the sink and i realized...D*** it!! They are not going to trick or treat in the neighborhood!! of course not!! they are going to trick or treat at CHURCH!! so much for thinking the neighbors would be neighborly, and trick or treat in the NEIGHBORHOOD!!!.
we had fun trick or treating, other friends came to our neighborhood and we trick or treated the traditional way.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Here I go....
Morgan, you have inspired me! I cannot say that I am going to put pics of my children on here, or really personal stuff, but I can type all my stories and opinions on this little blog. Maybe someone will read them and appreciate them. :) Or maybe not, and this will be another piece of cyberjunk. But who cares?
What is a a label? Maybe I change my mind...hmm...