Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Bingo Board of Life

Which column are you in?
The other night we had to go to BINGO night, and I do mean HAD to.
Every single bingo night since there were bingo night obligations for us Andy has had to work. 
Generally, when I get home in the evening leaving again is just agonizing.
Bingo night, however, is a must.
It is the main family oriented PTA fundraiser of the year at one of our schools.
If I don't go, I feel like a major {POS}.
So there we were, on a Thursday night in the freezing wind hauling our cookies into
John Cotten Tayloe school for PTA night.

We traditionally do not win bingo.
AND until one has a child between the ages of 4 and 10, one might not realize that children in this age range maintain optimism that they are going to win --every round.
When that Kindle fire pops up--every child in the room is a winner --and then a devastated soul when only one board is the winner.
My children are getting better about this.
My very realist personality/mouth reminds them on the way there in the car, every time.
"Now you know, we are not going to win the kindle/ipad/{whatever}.  Just know that b/c then you won't feel so devastated when we indeed do not win.
Yes M'am, Yes M'am they say --or "OHHHKKAYYY MAMMAAAAA" (in that very you annoy the h3ll out of me voice).

We go, we at pizza, I visit with everyone--b/c in a small town every one in the room really does know eachother--several of them are my cousins, another couple are my old teachers, the rest are colleagues...
That part always ends up being fun to me! :)
So, at that point I am usually glad we have bingo night.

Last Thursday I was staring at the columns on the board--looking at the range of numbers in each column (15 per column)--and I realized--I am in the N column now!
Mrs. Hodges, my third grade teacher and Elena's too) brought her mother--her mother is 95, and is therefore no longer on the BINGO board! :)
My children --they are hanging out in the B column.
The craziest time of one's life, I believe, is the "I" column.
What do you all think?

Happy snow day bloggy readers--if you are all still out there! :)