Thursday, December 29, 2016

My first ever!

I.  am trying to figure out how to get pictures from my phone to post here on my blog.  If I get this figured out my life will be easier Bc I have pictures from everyday on my phone.  So far I am not loving Blogger on my phone..

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve 2016

Hello Bloggy friends, if you are still out there!
My blog has been calling to me recently.
There is something missing in my daily and weekly goings on, namely a creative outlet.
My need to write is great.
I write lists all the time, facebook posts to groups I am in, letters to {no one}, but I also need to post here.
When this blog first started I guess blogging was a {thing} to do.  It was  somewhat trendy, and I was going with a trend.
I am also realizing that some things that are trendy just stick with a certain few, and blogging and I might be stuck together.
It is free, it is harmless, it is a way to halfway journal and halfway write creatively...
So, here goes.

Get ready b/c when I have wild ideas, I am going to put them up here!
I am not sure where all of my wild ideas have been going for the past year or so, but they are officially going to be on this blog page as of right now.

Stay tuned friends and acquaintances, and hopefully some new people too!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Summer's here!!

**Update** This one is really old, so I will start from here, but I did not want to leave this little gem out! :)

Hey everyone!!

It is officially Summer time for me!!
My last day of the 2016-17  school year was yesterday, and today I begin the mega clean up/mega laundry wash/exercise regimen....the list goes on!

Here are some summer goodies..we have a big cabbage, we have a volunteer squash plant and some volunteer basil plants in the yard...
Victor planted the cabbage.
We are going to eat it this very week! :)

Now, for some fotos, which I have forgotten how to put up here..

Friday, June 3, 2016

The teeth in my jewelry box

They are there...
sharks' teeth, childrens' teeth, puppy teeth...
I take them out of my pockets. 
It takes effort, they have to be untangled from the pocket lint.
I take them out of beach bags...they could stay right there.
For some reason, at the beach
kids lose teeth.
They could just live in the travel bag, the teeth.
But know, they go into the place where the valuables live.
Today, I put some special sharks' teeth in, and I thought.
All these teeth are in here..and I don't even know
from whence they came.
Does it matter?

Thursday, February 11, 2016

When an island becomes a continent

Why is it that when something is good, if it is muy muy grande it becomes even better?
That is so dumb to me!!
One time someone pointed out to me that the sweetest strawberries are actually the old timey original ones that are little...
The giant ones that are so sought after--actually taste like nothing.
They were bred to be very big and red, ....and ....nothing else.

We watch a lot of HGTV in my house.  The main reason is because they are not talking about politics or sex etc.
I just don;t want to see either of those, or the Karshi(whatevers) in my spare time.

Back to big and little.  I am  not sure if my dear bloggy readers remember but I have an island in my kitchen.  It is the size that I can reach is a place to eat, make food, and serve food.

Well lately on HGTV I have noticed that when people want an island they want it to be the size of Texas!!  It is just crazy...and, in my mind, defeats the purpose...
If the island becomes a is no longer cute.
It is no longer functional...the mama can no longer reach across to serve food to everyone...

This goes right back to the {statement} piece of jewelry becoming a speech!!

Cool it, people!
Think about functions of things....and size.. and bigger is not always better!

I think I will post again sooner this time.
This post has been swimming around in my head for six months.
So silly not to post it!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Who's your best friend?

Eva just asked me this question, followed by a choice of two people:
Adriene, or Bon Qui Qui!
Both of these people, by the way, are internet known only to me.  
These are virtual relationships.
Yoga with Adriene is the place where I met my {friend} Adriene.
She is so cute, sweet, bubbly, funny, inspiring, nice --all the good things.
Bon Qui Qui and I go way back--about five years or so, maybe more.
She is a comedian.  Anjelah Johnson.
When I need to laugh my head off  real hard, I find Bon Qui Qui--or Qui Qui for short! LOL!

This question was a cute one to me, and one that could not have been asked--even ten years ago probably, b/c back then I bet most mommies did not have internet besties!

I am sure glad I do, as these two ladies bring happiness to my life in simple ways.
If you have not checked them out, please do!
I bet you will love them too.

Happy New Year to you and {yours} (both real and virtual).                                         

Monday, December 14, 2015

The craziest Sh!t I have ever heard {Merry Christmas}

Like most of you, I have been on Amazon shopping for everything that {santa} will bring this year to all kinds of lovely people in my life.  At one point I had ordered so many things I had to stop and make a list (even though I can look at my account history right there on Amazon! LOL).  Anywho...I ordered several things for myself.  These were things I have been wanting that happened to be deeply discounted during the frenzy that is Christmas shopping.  All of the stuff I order from Amazon likes to go to my Mama and Daddy's house, and it is stuck in my maiden name.  Amazon is now so old that the first order I made from there happened in my senior year of college when I was scrambling to design a unit for student teaching.  This makes me feel old.  BUT, I digress...
It is good that the stuff goes to my Mama's b/c then the kids don't look at all of it right away at least.  
Last Wednesday I had to go to my Mama's for a visit and to check out all the purchases that were continually arriving at her house.  She  was amused, I must say, as I opened all of the boxes.  One oof them contained both things I ordered for myself!  One was an instantpot! and the other was a car vacuum.  Both of these are items I highly recommend.  Get ready for the crazy part...
My Mama asked me:  Are you going to wrap that up for yourself?  But she said it in a more of am imperative tone of she was heavily suggesting that I wrap this giant pot up for myself.  
ughhh.. "no,"  I said, "I am going to pop it right into my car, and I am going to cook some lentils in it this weekend!"  :)  I said this in a cheery tone of voice b/c you don't smart mouth, or smart tone my Mama. 
We had a brief discussion about how silly that would be...but then we got into other conversations, b/c I just kept opening boxes.
The next day at school I decided to take an official poll...I was going to ask people from a wide variety of backgrounds (younger, older, black, white, hispanic, weathy, broke as hell etc.) if they do this strange thing I will call, "self gifting."  Before I even started I had a hunch that this was something that only those of us with the XX chromosomes would EVER dream of doing.  It reeks of ...shit, I don't even know a word..but I will describe it...
Just in case all of the people in my house--who I take care of everyday--are so shitty and unthoughtful that they do not give me a present, I am going to SAVE THEM THE EMBARRASSMENT of being so thoughtless and selfish, that i am going to take time out and wrap up something for myself!!! 
Let me tell you, all the women I polled said, "oh sure!" --cue the very confused, {do I actually have the XY combo} face...???
One was Mrs. Bailey.  She is an older black lady--probably my dad's age.  She has taught school since I was a little girl, but she is tech savvy and all that.  I enjoy visiting with her whenever she substitutes.  She chuckled and said, "oh yeah..."  Then she explained...if you don't you might not get anything..
Next was Emily, who is about three or four years younger than me.  She is a teacher.  She said...oh, yeah..I wrap up a couple and then if I see that my husband has brought something home, I go ahead and open them early...
Then came several other teachers who I asked...and they all said yes.  They buy something they like (with their own money that they work for every day) and then they wrap the item up and put it under the tree.
Y'all this is crazy as hell.  I am calling it out.  If someone can't buy me a present...then I don't even want one.  If I work, and go and buy myself something...I am going to use it when it comes..that is not a present!! 
The only part of the polling that i have neglected is the part where I ask men this...
oh yeah..I wonder how many men folks do some crazy thing like this...
By the way, I wrapped the stuff Saturday and put it under the tree--it says from "Santa" on it, which my kids think is a hoot...
I told them he already had to come and drop their stuff off...they said, "mama, how come it is your handwriting?"  I said, "b/c Santa told me to write that on there...duh"  I have so much fun with being the imaginary creatures..I just make it up as I go along...the Amazon warehouse is where Santa lives--and the UPS truck is a sleigh....It is just as good as any of the other stories...
Merry Christmas to all, and all you lady friends out there...go out and buy yourself something real nice, and DON'T WRAP IT UP!! buy it b/c it is on a good sale, and use it immediately!!