Friday, November 28, 2008

Flashback Friday

This is going wayyyyy back.
This picture was taken in 1955, I think. My mama was eight.
The funny thing about this picture is the story she tells to go with it.

She points out all the stuff in the picture and tells about it.
Her family lived in a house with no running water.
So, on the mantle is her Daddy's shaving mirror.
There is a radio in the background that had a cracked face. She, of course tells all the radio shows she liked. Lone Ranger and others.
She also tells about how it snowed into the walls, and they basically all slept in one room.
Oh, and the outfit she had on (It was summer in the picture obviously) was made out of a feed sack. I guess this would be a bag that animal feed came in.

I love to hear her tell about these pictures, and so I decided to write about this one.

I am also putting a picture of the house up here. Who knows where it will put itself.

Now, if you break out your magnifying glass you can see the pictures! Why are they so little?
I will work on that later.


Susan said...

I tried to use P!knik to fix this.
Sorta worked.
At least you can see it.
The house one was just too small.
In real like these pictures are not small, I don't know why they turned out like this. :).

Bethany said...

I like old stories! Where was she raised? Just call it "miniature flashback" ;-)

Susan said...

She was raised in Halifax County, Aurelian Springs is what it is called. --it is a crossroads. :).