Friday, November 28, 2008

off to the mall..

the internet mall, that is! :)

Today I managed to find Andy three of his favorite shirts. He has been wearing the long underwear shirts of his for about four years now--they have holes in them and they look disgusting.
So I looked at the tag and found them online! YAY!
Then, I was off on a quest to get Andy the thing Elena wanted to get him. I will not write what it is, then he will know. This thing that she desired for her daddy is going to be so funny for him to open! HA!
Found it! Check.

All from my house, while lounging. Now, I love the mall, too. But I must say, for exact thing kind of shopping like I did today, the internet was perfect! :)

Morgan, how was your shopping today? Did you brave the malls etc. like you usually do with your mama?

...I am off to eat chocolate cake now...and read newsw^^k.


Bethany said...

Hey! I ventured out, not my usual for "Black Fri" - we went to Ikea to buy dressers for the boys. It was not a mob scene, wh/ was good. Remind us after Chr. what Elena's gift for Andy was! :)

Anonymous said...

I am addicted to Internet shopping and I also noticed that this year they had a lot of Black Friday/weekend deals too..I shopped at 80's tees and the Braves site last night. It's so easy to search and sooo much less stressful!
I'm like you--still love the mall and ESPECIALLY Target too and will hit those too.
I think it would be fun to try the Black Friday thing sometime maybe. I have never done it!