Saturday, November 29, 2008

Off to the Cine

Today I took Elena and Tristen to see M@dagasc@r II.
My favorite part of the movie was when the animals broke the damn and the water came rushing over--it looked cool.
The rest of the experience, was -- not cool?
Some kid behind me was kicking the seats--or maybe it was his dad?--I just took it, did not say a word.
Tristen wriggled the ENTIRE time.
I had to remind myself that we did not go to the movie for my enjoyment. Children like to wriggle when they watch movies.
Watching the movie--it was easy to remind myself--M@dagasc@r II was crap.
I'll take Shrek any day--perpetually.

Now, for cine I enjoy--last night I watched Viridiana--a Mexican film (actually Spanish) directed by Bunyuel. (I had to put a 'y' in there b/c I cannot put a squiggly over the /n/.)
After I watched the movie there was an interview with the lead actress. Silvia Pinal.
Very cool to watch. She is old now. She was remembering this director and all of the contorversy surrounding this movie--Franco ordered it to be destroyed--so she took it away to Mexico. People had to sneak to watch it, etc.
It was nice to not have anyone commenting, no one kicking my seat etc. ;).
I just sat on the couch and put myself in a Spanish trance.

So for my recommendations:
Shrek --si


Bethany said...

Hola chica! Brave to hit the cine w/ wriggly ones :)

Bethany said...

I will be thankful for one post a week from Susan... really! ;-)