Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for:

Triscuits. I seem to be wanting a lot of these lately, with cheese and salsa.

Glitter. This week all of my students have been decorating mittens. In my therapy sessions if we are anywhere near a holiday (and we always are) I break out the glitter. I love it! When I was little, if we got to do something with glitter, I was excited for DAYS. So, we work with glitter a lot. ;).
Once I worked at a school where someone asked me was I almost finished with glitter, b/c the janitor was tired of cleaning it up. HUH? I would think the best thing to do in that situation would be not to clean it up--i love how glitter situates itself EVERYWHERE. I always loved it if a piece ended up in my hair--by accident. ooohhhh... Today I had a piece on my cheekbone. I saw it at 9:30 when I washed my hands, and I left it there all day. Just sparkling. I hope my students get as excited about our once a month glitter fests as I do. Some of them sure do need a bit of innocent excitement.

Friends. This afternoon I was talking to my favorite one on the phone and she could not get her bottle of wine open. NOw that she lives just up the road. I cruised over and took her some more wine, a new wine opener from my drawer, and some ginger ale (my wine-mixer of choice and hers). She was so excited! :).

Have a happy Friday tommorrow.


Bethany said...

:) I was hoping to see post from you, and there it was! The glitter part is funny, "are you almost done with glitter?" :) Now my mental image of you will be w/ a glitter on your cheek.
I's the best, to be right nearby a good friend. Nothing like it. :)

Anonymous said...

Ok now I want those Triscuits thanks a lot :)

Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

You know I love the glitter too! I will call you soon for an update, we were at the beach this weekend and just got back yesterday, then we headed to Monday Night Football in Charlotte..we have been busy! Love ya and have been thinking about you a bunch!!! Wish you lived close enough to come open a bottle for me :( Miss those days!