Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Some Pictures...

Here are some pictures from our Christmas celebrations, family time, christmas morning. Mr. and Mrs. Claus are in one of them. Andy's mom cooked us a wonderful meal that she cooks every year, she is one picture with Elena looking cute like she always does--both of them (that sentence is very pronouny).
There is one of Elena with her vet outfit on. So cute. She can play with this for hours. All she needs is for you to bring in a hurt animal. Very cool toy.
Victor is checking out his train in one of these. The only glitch with the hand-me-down train is that Collin wants it back!! :0!
We are all tired. Worn out. kaput.
It was fun. Thank God it only happens once per year. :)
Oh, and next year we will have another little Hill baby to enjoy. Andy's sister is pregnant. :)
She is having a boy. On Andy's side there are all boys almost. On my side almost all girls...interesting. :)
Oh! and today is mine and Andy's anniversary. Nine years ago today we got married! :)
It snowed a little bit on our wedding day. It was a fun, sweet day.

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Bethany said...

Happy Anniversary!! What a cozy time of year. Sweet pics... love that vet costume. That child will be fixing up lizards in no time. Kaput is right - whew. We made it.