Friday, January 1, 2010

Old fogies, "over the hill"

Andy's parents came over to eat with us last night.
Did we bring in the New Year together? No.
I went to bed.
Sleep is at a premium around here!
But this morning my mama commented to me that J Lo looked like a complete idiot on the "new yeah's eve show" last night.
"in a nude outfit" etc. the list went on.
I am currently searching for some internet dirt on this J. Lo appearance, and I see "lady gaga"
Seeing this person makes me feel old...who in the hell is she?
What in the hell does she do?
Whenever I see her (is it a girl?) she looks like she has lost her marbles {to me}, vamos.
Does this mean I am old?
I have never even heard a Lady G@g@ song before!
I just see her on TV on those gossip shows--sort of like the o$monds...they are on those show all the time too, but I have no idea what they ever did besides just be on gossip shows.
So, when Andy's parents got here last night they commented that Andy and I are officially, "over the hill"--well, geographically we are over the small hill just to the west of us on hwy 264..but I mean I would not call us "over" any life hills...Nope, I would say we are right in the thick of it {and loving it, of course}.
But no, I had no desire to go out last night...hangovers are not something I can even ponder dealing with right now. :)
Andy and I have had fun NYeves all over the we are happy in our little house, cozy, and sleeping.
We did watch a good movie last of R. Deniro's first ones, it was called "born to win". It was an interest keeper..good, I am not sure, but I sat through it.

okay I am rambling...I lost track of the point of this post, even! to bed for me.


A Beautiful Mess said...

Happy New Year!

We never go out on New years eve...amateur night. Those folks who never drink think that New years is the time to do it...not fun!

We were in bed by 12:30...Sophie woke up so I slept with her until 4:30:(

Hope 2010 is a fantastic year for you and your family!!

Ha! my word verification is "pregr"

Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

I am so with you on JLO, she looked awful and seriously, that featherd frock looked like buzzard feathers! And I am with you on New Year's Eve, I spent it at home with my family and LOVED it. We all stayed up until midnight, I had to rewind the ball dropping so Gabriel could watch it several times, he loved it! Thank you DVR! Then we hit the bed too.. We did enough wild partying and New Years in years past...I don't need that very often now. And having a hangover with one kid is bad enough, I can't imagine it with 3! Speakin of kids, I am officially off the pill, so I will keep you posted!!!! Happy New Year, I love you guys! OK this is more of an email but who cares!

Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

I don't know who Lady GAGA is either and have never heard a song. I only listen to music on my ipod these days, never the radio..I am out of the loop with pop culture and thankfully so!

Bethany said...

:) We call it "rookie night" - :) We were a -snoozing b/c yeah, sleep is premium, and all the kiddies were up by 6:30 on 1/1/10. But I tried something new that was fun! Mimosas {again} on New year's morning! Scary how easy it was to coast thru the day... ha!

Susan said...

Yeah...nothing like a good mimosa to start the day off right! :)
hee hee...