Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year's Goals

My New Year's Resolution has been the same thing (half-heartedly) for many years.
{stop smoking}
This is usually when I have been out partying late and have a terrible hangover. hmm hmm..
We have already addressed the hangovers...b/c I cannot have those anymore.
Now the smoking.
I love to do it...but I know it is terrible! :)
So, when I discovered my pregnancy with Eva I, OF COURSE, quit. That is a non-issue with smoking when pregnant.
So I still {basically} have not started back.
I have been doing well.
To be totally honest I have had a couple--but really, I can take them or leave them.
This is how it HAS TO STAY!! :)
And it will.

So with that resolution having been handled in a partnership b/t God and Mother Nature... I have to come up with new stuff to work on.

Here are two, no three, of them.

1. Loose weight--down to 150 or so--(I can't get the last bit off w/out some good diet pills, and those are not allowed when b-feeding which will be happening until july or august)
2. continue to excercise--hard!! I have been excercising...going to the gym each AM at 5:15. Yes. that is dedication..but I want to get up to running my buns off each morning for a good 20 minutes. With help from my gym buddy--I bet this can happen.
3. Try each day to be thankful for my children, and DEMONSTRATE THIS by relating to them. They are so different from one another. I find that I tend to be too hard on Elena (the one who already acts like a nun) and to be too hard on Victor (with whom the hardness is not even effective). So, I have to find some better ways, I think. :)
I want them to remember a {mostly} sweet, not a doormat, but also not a witch. :) I tell them that I am their mama bear--I need to bring them some berries more often I think in my heart.
P.S.--Victor drives me nuts--so this one is going to take discipline/love/dedication/diligence.\
3.(a) significantly decrease the cussing...just goes along with the being sweet! :)
I cuss a lot.
4. learn to knit {again} and knit a project to the point of mastery of that item. So, for example, if I want to make a baby blanket for a new baby--I can just whip one right up. ;).
The first time I knitted all I made were {crappy} scarves.

So it sounds like I needed a finishing school all along. Learn crafts, not to smoke or cuss, and to be nice and pleasant...yep--a good finishing school might have whipped me right into shape--that, or having three children under the age of five!
Bueno--that is it for now! :)

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Bethany said...

Your {resolutions} made me giggle because of the {accents} you gave them. heehee. Keep that smoking down girl! Wholehearted good luck wishes to all the resolutions! I have a similar one about the kids... that is a good one.:)