Thursday, January 7, 2010

Yummy stuff!

Now, let me remember what I have put up here and I will tell about it. :)
Eva sat in the high chair for the first time last night. :)
She also has a tooth :)
We got our package in the mail from Spain today. This is always one of our favorite Christmas events.
It was full of beautiful AND yummy treats (which is interfering with my new years plans.
Candy Euros--or money covered chocolate, I like to call it. :) YUM! (I think this might be another universal --sort of like pickles) These were cool b/c they are like Euros-not just some generic chocolate coins.
The other things are these wafer almonds that have almond/peanut butter in them --GOOD GOOD GOOD!!! I wonder how many points these are taking up? I have eaten four of them already! :) Yikes...
There were also two newspapers in there, COOL! One is about a public smoking ban in all enclosed areas. When I lived in spain in 1997--people smoked EVERYWHERE! And there they have something called, "tobacco negro" which smells like the worst thing ever! Now, no smoking in the bar or cafe...jeez!
The other one has an article about the Infanta Elena (the princess) She is getting a divorce.
Jewelry, beautiful! I did not get a foto of that--that will show up in a picture of me. :) I am already planning an outfit around it. ;).
Thanks so much Isabel and Maria! :)

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Bethany said...

What is more fun than a pkg from friends! Fun, fun! Yum, yum...