Tuesday, December 29, 2009


F-book sucks:
There I said it {again}.
last night someone friended me.
then, now i am not their friend anymore!
I must ask myself if i even care.
i have not seen the person for ...hmmm...10 years.
i wanted to be nosey look at her fotos , perhaps envy her for a bit.
mission accomplished.
then she zapped me! HA!

I have zapped a couple too, i guess it all works out in the end in f-book world.


Anonymous said...

Yucks! At least WE are connected.

Susan said...

That's right.
You write on your blog.
People who like you take time to read it {and comment}.
people who have not seen you in ten years...well, they probably do not know the blog address, and that is just fine! :)