Monday, May 25, 2015

Pickin Strawberries

Elena and Yineth are 10
Victor is 8
Eva is 5
Yailin is 4
Yareli is 3

Camelia and I took them to pick strawberries the other day and then we did the very white lady thing and made strawberry shortcakes in the OVEN--Camelia uses her oven to store pots and pans, the same way Maria did when I lived with her in Sevilla...not big on ovens.   We all ate strawberry shortcake for lunch! :)  FUN!--and definitely a memory book moment. :)

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Cutie Pie things

This foto is horrible, but that is a teensy little rose from a vine out the back door and a pretty tube of tomato paste...and then there is the cutie Elena. :)
It's time for grilling out and picking strawberries, and pool parties and baseball, and we are in full swing! oh, and rose bushes. The picture had to be taken right there b/c those things are in the windowsill and that is where they wanted to stay right then! :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Eva right now (going old school)

I am going to begin remembering how I used to use my blog, and go back to that format for the summer.  My original intent was to use it partly as a journal of my child rearing and my everyday life (thus, journal LOL).  When we got home while ago it struck me that I needed to write about Eva right now.  She came prancing into the living room--b/c she prances--with a basket in her hand and a pencil, to let me know that she had a bed for baby dino, but she needed to clean the bed.  She was sin ropa!  She was so determined to get on with her project of putting baby dino in the bed she skipped the getting dressed part after her shower and went straight to the project at hand.  I love this!  If she is making dino's bed--it's full steam ahead.  Hair combing be damned!  Her to do list looks more like the Orion constellation, not the traditional bulleted dealy.  Then she carefully tucked him in and made everyone give him a kiss.
This is the baby dino that she got at the dentist office today as a prize, but it's actually  the replacement for that dino b/c she dropped that other one in the river by accident when we went to da la vuelta after we ate supper.  Some snapping turtle had plastic dino for supper I bet (sorry about that).  
I want to remember her prancing, I want to remember her dogged pursuit of her {must do} chore.  I want to remember the TLC she used to tuck that baby dino in.  
I don't want time to freeze b/c I love watching them grow, but I MUST remember to chronicle more frequently and with better quality--b/c these are the days to hold on to. 
Love to you all my bloggy readers....are you still there LOL!