Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Can you see all the flair on my neighbor's house?  She has these cute potted plants and there are always lights on them, that light up at night!! It amazes me!
It is so pretty.
So glad she does it, b/c my house....
Stay tuned.  LOL

Saturday, October 10, 2015


How many of you have seen the movie Office Space?
This movie is one of mine and Andy's favorites!
We quote it all the time.
It is full of quotable quotables.
In one scene Jennifer Aniston is talking to her boss.  She works in a casual dining chain restaurant.  The boss is telling her how proud he is of another employee b/c that employee has 15 pieces of {flair}. In the movie {flair} is buttons etc. that decorate the employee's shirt that are supposed to convey aspects of the employee's personality or taste.
Jennifer Aniston seems genuinely confused, and irritated/exasperated.
She says something lke, "well we are supposed to have 9 pieces of flair, right? I have my nine pieces..."  Then the boss says..."yes, 9 is the minimum."
I will continue this later, my battery is about to die. 
Here I am, about a month later and the battery is still about to die! LOL
I did want to finish this post.
The whole point of this post was some people are way into flair--i.e. they want to way out-do the minimum and go above--so they might have 23 pieces of flair on their work shirt.
The others of us really are not that into flair.
You can see this when you drive.
Aroundd here the {flair} of choice is mom stickers and mongram stickers and "places I have been stickers"  --at least among moms this is the case.
There are other flair subsets of the population too...the retired veterans etc.
When I see the flair it makes me wonder....from whence does the need to decorate like this arise?
I very seldom put stickers on my car--I guess I like for some things to remain a mystery.
The really curly monogram ones are pretty---but monograms are just overdone--
Flair also carries over into outside decorations.  
My neighbor is very good with the flair.  Every time I ride by her house I think how cute all her pumpkins/mums/scarecrows/them lights in the potted plants hanging from the porch/ are.

If you refer to my New poor post, however, you will be able do deduce that I certainly cannot afford yard flair.  Pumpkins/mums/lights/ etc --that would be our food money-
So, nature will have to take care of that flaiar--pine straw on the roof and leaves will have to tell the world we celebrate fall!  

What about y'all --how much flair do you have?  Where does your inspiration to flaunt the flair come from?  Just curious. :)