Friday, January 1, 2016

Who's your best friend?

Eva just asked me this question, followed by a choice of two people:
Adriene, or Bon Qui Qui!
Both of these people, by the way, are internet known only to me.  
These are virtual relationships.
Yoga with Adriene is the place where I met my {friend} Adriene.
She is so cute, sweet, bubbly, funny, inspiring, nice --all the good things.
Bon Qui Qui and I go way back--about five years or so, maybe more.
She is a comedian.  Anjelah Johnson.
When I need to laugh my head off  real hard, I find Bon Qui Qui--or Qui Qui for short! LOL!

This question was a cute one to me, and one that could not have been asked--even ten years ago probably, b/c back then I bet most mommies did not have internet besties!

I am sure glad I do, as these two ladies bring happiness to my life in simple ways.
If you have not checked them out, please do!
I bet you will love them too.

Happy New Year to you and {yours} (both real and virtual).