Tuesday, March 23, 2010

kid shows

When we lived in Durham and in Graham we had the most wonderful thing...
Satelite with a DVR!! yeah baby!
We could watch anything at anytime! :)
We watched kid shows on every channel available.
Elena's favorite was always Max and Ruby.

Now it's different we have PB$ kids--and DVD's and THAT IS ALL!!
My children know that when they go to grandparents' houses then they can watch the other channels.
And they do.

Now on PB$ at 6:30 {evening news time} a certain little someone makes an appearance...a certain little someone who my children LOVE!! and I well, he makes me {sick} and I think he is {dumb, whiny..and I {{hate}} him}. There.

Any guesses???

His name is Caillou (definitely spelled wrong)
He is so daggone annoying!! I can't even see how his cartoon mama can stand him..but then, she is part of the problem.
Is he annoying to anyone else? I mean he whines the whole cartoon. His mama never tells him, "Caillou--now stop that whining, you are getting on my nerves" or "Caillou..let your sister have that toy--I don't care if it is your blue truck--go get a different one--she is a BABY AND SHE HAD IT FIRST" She never does this..it's always--"oooooohhhhhh Caaiiiiillllouuuu...blah blah.."

Now, my children know that Caillou drives me nuts. They are secure enough in their love for him not to let my disdain for him drive them away at 6:30 --ohhh no! We have to watch!

BUT they also know that mama and daddy give Caillou hell. AND when one of them whines I tell them..."now, you are starting to sound an awful lot like Caillou" Or sometimes I even say, "Now, don't start that Caillou crap, you know it gets on my nerves" Which one I pick depends on how tired I am.

I think it would be fun..on a date night one night.. no kids around..to drink a couple beers and comment on the whole episode of caillou...and include cuss words.
I think Andy would like this too.
The whole time we watch it we look at eachother like...OMG!! What a freakin dorky kid!
This is so mean, no?

Ademas, I think I might have figured it out..the writers are possible totally trying to relate to "a boy of four" and really tell the story from his perspective??? maybe???

Here is another funny about Caillou. One time when Caroline was about three or four (she is 12 now) I noticed that whenever she whined her accent completely changed from the most country accent ever to this chicago accent...
I asked Sissy..."why does she whine and sound just like a yankee?"
Sissy discovered that she learned this yankee whine by watching too much Caillou!! no lie!!

So ..are there any cartoons that y'all can't stand?
Warning...don't pick on Arthur..that is my favorite and that might hurt my feelings.
Hee hee

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Bethany said...

Tell it! We call him "Whine-ou" and can do some kick-a imitations. Our first 3 kids loved him... maybe Ph. will not?? I used that love to take a shower alone every morning, when the girls were 2... :) So Whine-ou had his usefulness. Last yr at 4, they went thru a big Caillou phase again, wanting to watch it all the time. Cole & I started giving C. hell about being bald at 4 - wth is he bald for?? When Isabella starting talking like Rosey (I do it!) we instigated a switch to Kipper. Get a Kipper dvd! He is quiet, and I love the british humor. :)