Sunday, May 2, 2010

Other people...

make you sick!, you can't quite put your finger on why, and it always bugs
you, but there is just no chemistry!

Morgan and I encountered some of them on our Chapel Hill quest for continuing education
For some reason, I encountered a lot of these types among the
faculty and academic folks at UNC!
I would really love to figure out the reason why...
For the reason to reveal itself to me.

Just walking over to the new building I could feel the anxiety rising
both in myself and in Morgan.
We had to go and spend time among these nerdy butt-kissing horn-tooting self important
mousy nerds!! (The entire staff in that dept. needs to be turned in to a make-over show)
I am a nerd--but the kind we had to deal with in our Master's program
are cut from an even nerdier cloth. (or maybe it's the butt-kissing self-important part that is dispicable to me).

So, for two hours we listened to them toot their horns in the new building.

What is so bad about this bad chemistry is that I NEVER feel this way.
I love lots of information--super nerdy research.
Statistics was fun to me.
But for some reason--the nerds in our department were just
super-unappealing --in that most rooted way.

From now on, I will seek other CEU opportunities.
From now on, when we go to Chapel Hill it will be for fun only.
Because--when dealing with that bad chemistry--avoidance is key I am thinking.
After all, why would one intentionally and knowingly put themselves in a room full of
people almost all of whom induce the worst attitude problem ever??

So I won't anymore. :)


Bethany said...

Before I forget - if you haven't already - read Freakonomics! You will {love} it. I enjoy statistics, too - and good-nerdiness. :) I have encountered this problem! In many of the preschool moms, from the church school. So - I agree with you - avoidance is key! Avoid, avoid, avoid. Better for us in the long run. ;)

Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

I put your card in the mail yesterday too, along with the CD from Mease (I forgot to give it to you in Chapel Hill). I think I had/have a virus, b/c I had a fever when I got home on Saturday. I slept from 3-6 got up for a few hours and then was back in bed by 9 or so. I am not running a fever anymore but my throat still hurts and I am snotty. I hope you don't have it!!! Let me know what you find out about the certificates. At least we have the title of the presention and the handout from it to prove that we were there. Hope you feel better!!!