Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Waiting for the floor to dry

I am stranded on the back porch.
I mopped the floor, and everyone who {needs me} is on the other side of
the great divide called the
wet, clean kitchen floor.
Unless you mop, you do not know about how
irritating it can be for someone to walk across your newly cleaned,
wet floor.
That is where clean up witch comes in.
She scares them all {in a very funny way}
to stay on the other side of the wet floor's threshold, and then
she sequesters herself (by mopping herself into a corner)
on the other side of the great divide....
What is that you want?????
What is that you need????....
Well, it'll have to wait for the floor to dry--
{neat mommy trick}

Oh!! I almost forgot my WWMD series part one...
It is coming...

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