Saturday, December 31, 2011

A movie review

When Andy works at night, sometimes, I think we are going to watch movies.
My kids like to watch movies, and it is winter--so it is dark way early.

Last night I rented "A Dolphin Tail/Tale?"

This movie was SOOOOO GOOD.
It had all the elements that touch my heart strings...
*special needs kids
**special needs animals
*people helping eachother
** wise,old hippie man grandad who lives on boat
*frustrated kids who find an interest

etc. etc. the list goes on...oh!

*tropical water and weather
**animal rescue...

The whole movie was well told etc.
I loved it, and so did my children.
When it was over I had cried a lot...
You know, when the little tears seep out--and you try to hide them?
My children did not cry any???
(what does this mean, I ask myself??)
I guess it might mean that I am way hormonal all the time or something..
Ay que emotion!!
If you click the link up there, it takes you to Winter's website.
Now if you surf around in the web site (do people still say that?/ surf?)
You can see that you could also stay in this place

You could stay there (look up) :)
Look at that white sand...
That beautiful water...

Wouldn't this be a fun family vacation??
If you look on the map, this place is in a cool spot of Florida.
On the Western coast, and sort of on its own little bay...

Spring break?
I got so excited last night looking at all of this.
Then I realized
But this all costs MONEY. !!

Maybe another year...

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Bethany said...

:) We will get that movie! No worries, I cried at the end of toy story 3 last week, it just hit me. Phoenix looked at me suspiciously, but didn't really notice. :) Well, if money was no object, now you have a place to visit on your list. (long list, right? ;-) Happy New year bloggy bud! PS - on your other post, your personality has been shining still! But yes, more soapboxes please.