Thursday, December 29, 2011

A vision{ary}

That is what I call myself whenever Andy reminds me that I always have some plan or
other up my sleeve....
some {improvement} or {innovation}...
My mind does work on this pretty constantly.

Here is my latest {plan}:
See the big brown thing in the middle of the kitchen floor?
All the kids are on it?  see?  Were they remembering their babyhood??
Who knows! BUT--this used to be the changing table--it had a little mattress
on the top that say in the recessed part--where the kids are.
My Daddy made it for me when I was pregnant with Elena.
It is the exact right height for me--hits right at my hip--for working and not bending over.
Now it is going to be a kitchen island! :)
It is going to have a counter top on it, and baskets on the shelves for pans etc.
The color will stay stained dark.
I have thought of painting it, but that would take away the beautiful stain!
AND I like it when things are not just perfect, but they are {perfect}.
The room could look {perfect} with all white counters etc., but I would certainly mourn the loss of the
stain, and that would make it--eek!! not perfect for me.
i.e.--this is the color this piece of furniture has always been, and it wants to stay that way. ;).
Ay que emotion!!

So my mother in law was the smart lady who suggested that I just go ahead and set it in the kitchen.
This will get the ball rolling for a counter top... ;).
Maybe so, I say!
So there it is...
I have the tile picked out that I want on the counter top.
It is gorgeous!
The question is, is it functional enough for a countertop??
I say, "yes!" way!!
We will see--
Whose vision is this anyway??

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Bethany said...

A que perfect!!! That is brilliant {visionary} work. :) I have tucked away my changing table - it was not one originally, but was the right height. Someday it will have a home again, somewhere around here. I love that you found a GREAT use for yours! That daddy made a good one...