Thursday, January 30, 2014

Winter time fun

Winter time has never been my favorite, but as I have aged I have realized that Winter is one more thing that, when made empirical and organized, can be overcome, and even {enjoyed}.
For several winters I spent eight weeks of Winter teaching Sunday school and coaching Upward Cheerleading.  After the eight weeks of January and February--well, winter was on her way out the door!
Since then, I am not coaching upward, nor am I teaching Sunday school, but I still have a little one who is playing Upward basketball, and that timeline has stuck with me.  Eight weeks.  I can spend that time being sad and complaining, or I can suck it up and enjoy watching all these sweet kiddos playing ball, b/c they are enjoying it. :)
We will spend these winters baking muffins and cake pops, making hot chocolate, praying for some snow, being in Christmas shows, cuddling, bundling, cozying...
BUT, I not going to spend them complaining.
Yes. It is cold.
Yes.  It is dark.
Yes. My house is cozier than my trailer at work.
BUT, The Winter is what brings the spring. :)
The Winter is what makes us appreciate the Spring.
Winter gives us snow days, cozy, and snow cream!
Viva el Invierno, digo yo! 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Do me a favor

Over the next week or so please notice the over use of the word, "myself"
People have started using this word all the time.
Most of the time. they should actually be using the word, "me."
Just like anything else that starts with someone just trying to sound "smart" (or cool, or whatever)
it is running rampant --and driving me crazy!
I really wish there could be a PSA and people could be instructed on the correct use of this word.
listen out for it. :)
Remember the overuse of the word, "like"?
It drove my Mama crazy!
This whole, "myself." thing is the same way.
Has anyone else noticed it?