Sunday, May 18, 2014

Since then...

I have not been posting like I want to!
Really, I would like to average one per week.
This past two weeks have been very busy weeks.
This weekend was dance recital weekend.
It was FUN!
My cousin Kaye came.  Kaye has one son.
For someone with one son, she has been to her fair share of dance recitals.
What a sweet cousin!
She goes to them ALL!
If you announce a dance recital to her, she will come for a visit to watch it.

Last night, as I watched little girls shake it and boogie down in sequins this is what I thought:
If aliens were to visit our wonderful Place in the universe and observe a dance recital what in the world would they think?
Picture them observing and taking notes!
This is what I thought they might write:
These beings have strange rituals, they place their young nymphs upon a platform dressed in sparkles and then laugh and cry as the young shake around in the sparkly outfits!
Of course it would be written in alien language--not English.
I also always think about all those sequiny leotards being maufactured in Ch!na (or any other foreign/third world manufacturing place).  Don't you think they wonder...
What in the H3ll are these people doing with all of these sparkly leotards?
Boy if they could have a video overview of all the dance recitals that happen in May!
So interesting that we do this thing.

Back to my cousin.  I think it is sweet that she comes and she has the most wonderful commentary about the recital.  She really gets into it.

I will post pictures this afternoon! :)
Happy Sunday.

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