Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Baggage and lists--attempt number two

Every day my life is just full of baggage...and lists.  My wall beside of my desk--a collection of lists.  Having mom brain requires having lists.  I do not try to remember anything, I make a list and I cross stuff off.  Sometimes, when my work is {not quite so gratifying} the act of crossing a name off a list is more satisfying than the completion of a task well-done.  
This is my purse.  It has a collection of {everything} a mom could ever need. 
This is my lunch bag.  Victor drew that art. 
Here is my Pre-K itinerant day bag--I pack therapy items and evaluation items in this one.
Here is my grocery bag--I use these at the grocery store, but sometimes if I have a haul going into work I bring them to work too.  
Here is my technology bag--for my laptop and my i-pad.  These were all lying around my office all in one day.  What a hoot!  It is a amazing to me that I keep all this straight, and ironic that my baggage system is the only way I keep it all straight.
Every situation has its very own {bag}.
Have a great day bloggy buddies! :)

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Let's clear this up --a vocabulary lesson

Regime--this is the word you use when you are talking about a dictator and their government etc.
This is the word that has to do with the period of time and situation of a ruler/dictator kind of person.
Regiment --Notice there is a "t" there.  Now this little word is the one you pick if you are writing about a group of soldiers.
A Regimen--now this word is the one you should use if you are talking about a regular routine or a routine that is going to become regular--you know a dietary regimen or a beauty regimen..etc.

Get it right--or pick a word you know how to use, people!! I see this error all the time and it makes me a bit crazy.

Easter in Wishington

Before the actual {official} move {home} Suzanne and Randy spent a nice, long week at their new home with their children.  That week would become unforgetable to Suzanne.  The kids were small --basically still both babies in retrospect.  The house had just been freshly painted and the floors freshly varnished.  The house smelled like a vat of chemicals.  It was also cold, and it was strange to be in the house where they would be living, but have travel bags with only a few of their clothes and articles of every day living.  No pots and pans were in the cabinets Yet.  They did have a coffee pot and some coffee...but they could only grill out.  Suzannes bestie did come for a visit with her two children and her husband, but this would quickly become a thing of the past.  After the official move home bestie seemed to always be in hiding  would dawn on Suzanne--eventually--that besties do not have to stalk their besties in order to have some time hanging out.  That was, by the way, a hard learned lesson.
Still, backing up to this simple Easter visit, Spring was in the air, and a big feeling of pure excitement!  From that week foward there were only eight more weeks til Suzanne would be living in her idyllic little town.
The chemical smell in the house was almost unbearable and almost suffocating.
Could this have served at a warning...for the air about the town of Wishington in general?
Nah!  b/c Suzanne was full of nothing but positive anticipation and plans.
In the meantime Suzanne had to go back to Saltineville and spend eight more weeks.  She spent the time in a small condo, occasionally hanging out with a friend who brought her two very inspirational books.  One of the books became the primary influential force for Suzanne's summer.  She became convinced that she would grow a garden and shop at a farmer's market.  Suzanne was quite used to being within 30 minutes of a Whole Foods, or maybe even right down the road from one. Now she was very excited about all things {garden} and all things home-grown.  Little did she realize that she was about to be trapped in the swamp with four choices for groceries --Wal-H3ll, the Pig, the comida Kitty, or the gas station (a popular choice in the town of Wishington).  
Eight weeks later Suzanne would arrive with her heirloom tomato seedlings, plans for a garden, a sense of optimism, and two toddlers.
The house felt damp and cold.  Could this have been a warning for Suzanne about the air about Wishington?  nah!  People in Wishington were sweet!