Wednesday, August 6, 2008

how cool...

would it be if some smart company offered to publish blogs for people
in a hard copy format, i mean.
my mama is only 60--but to her the internet is nothing.
if she cannnot hold it in her hand, it is crap to her, even though her eyes lit up when she looked at my blog.
she still types letters on an old timey typewriter.
soooo...some smart company could offer to publish them.
in a cover.
slide shows could be expanded to a strip of pictures.
music--well that would just have to be listed, and that would send the person off on a quest to find that song, which for my mama would mean to a record shop--jkidding
it could have the same colors etc, and one would only publish it at the end of a certain cycle, whatever that might be.
For example, maryellen just totally changed hers...the old one is still up here.
how cool would it be if she could order it, published in book?


Anonymous said...

I want to create blogs for my customers (retail shops, I'm in advertising) and get paid for it! They never update and let people know about the cool stuff they have or their events.
Let's start it so I can sleep in and watch soaps every day!

A Beautiful Mess said...

darling you can get your blog printed in a book formatt it is not cheap....

Susan said...


Are you going to publish--in a hardcopy, 3d version, your old one?
I really think you should.
It tells a great story!
Thanks for the heads up.

Susan said...


I absolutely LOVE that idea...yay!
that is just what I was thinking about.
It looks really easy too!
I think that after a year I will just make a book....we'll see..
Thanks again,
morgan, bethany, melissa, ya'll check that out...

Bethany said...

That is so cool. I want to make a book of my baby site!