Friday, October 24, 2008

Goodbye N.C., I am going to Raleigh!

This is something that someone in my family said a veerrryryyyy long time ago. It was a great grand parent, on my Mama's side, and since her parents were born in 1904 or something, this is bound to have been said, ...oh, I don't know, when people were still riding horses and carts to travel to Raleigh.
It is a hoot to me.
I don't even know what the person meant. (Did she not know that Raleigh was in NC?)
Today, to me, it would mean that most people in the triangle are not even from NC so when one travels there it is not exactly like being in NC.
It is a great place, but ...oh Sh**, I don't know.

Today, I went to Chapel Hill--not Raleigh anyway.
There was a class at the Friday Center.
It was GREAT! Fun to see two SLPs from Alamance County.
Fun to listen to a professor from Texas go over and over all these studies she has done. I love super-nerdy stuff sometimes. It makes me wish that I would have been gathering data from all of the work I have done over the past seven years, and that I would have been doing my work in a more systematic way b/c then I could draw some conclusions from analyzing all my great data!
After the class I went to get Victor some shoes, then I went to see my friend Sara
and her family.
They have a new baby!!--new babies are super fun to hold, like a little bag of potatoes or something. (I know ya'll hold bags of potatoes for fun, don't try to deny this ;) )
I got to hold him. YAY!
Then on the drive home I fought off the panic attack that I almost have everytime I drive in the rain by listening to good music and singing to myself.
Without the Pre-K DJ in the backseat, I got through the whole CD sin comments.
Bueno, good bed is a callin...
There is another entry coming that will have PICTURES!!

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Bethany said...

Missed ya this week! Nerds rule.