Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Today was also haircut day!!
Haircuts are hard for me. I have not had
my haircut since we moved. Going to my
favorite, Kate, in Durham--would be silly.
My hair is big, puffy, and curly.

I want it to be short and sleek.
Just your basic mama bob--but not triangle hair.
Or, at least not feel big and out
of control--that just feels nasty to me.
It looks great on people
who want it that way...but to me
--it is awful.

So, the guy is new to me.
He is a native lil Wash. guy.
Been cutting hair forever..(Do
you know him, Bethany?)
He was recommended to me by a
friend at work.

I think I scared him.
I brought pictures of my dream haircut.
The one Kate gave me two years ago.
(He informed me during the haircut that
he hates this situation.)
He touched my hair and proceeded
to tell me that I have two times
as much hair on my head as a lot of people
do, and that it was going to take him a long time
to get my hair to do what was in the picture.
Elena was with me in the salon--being patient.

After an hour he had produced something like
what was in the picture.
I came home and cut the side pieces myself.
No one ever gets those the right way...
only Kate...
I had to explain my problem with side pieces and
she told me to always tell her and she would
fix them especially.

Here is what I listened to on the way there.
I tried to, actually, but the CD was way scratched.

Elena said, "Mama, I don't wike dis" I said, "oh, that's too bad, one day when you drive your car, you can pick the music."
--We listen to Disney and 80's music sometimes too..I am not that mean.

Next time I wish I could go
for either the Britney or the Ellen.
But, I am cursed with wanting to look
at least a little bit feminine.
Now I know some girls look perfectly cute with
very short hair...hmm hmm Bethany!!
But not me.

At one point I looked over at Elena and she was
digging in her pants--in her butt crack.
So, I said in Spanish, "Elena, que no hagas esto, que cochina!"
Which means, "don't do that, that is gross"
Only if I say it in Spanish people don't know that I am pointing out
her grossness--only her.
Nice Trick. ;)

When we got home --after stopping at Food Lion for treat ice cream--Andy said, "where were ya'll?"
...What followed was really mean.
I won't type it here.

Victor, who also inherited curly hair, also got his haircut today.
I did not like his either.
I want my daddy to take him to the BARBER shop for a good
man/boy haircut.
The barber shop here is always busy with a wait.
So, his haircut*tty.

Now, I am having wine.
Not relaxing.
Wondering why it is so hard to get a
haircut I like. ???



Melissa and Pete said...

That's a great idea about the Spanish!!

Bethany said...

Woo-hoo! That is some happy Friday music! Phoenix enjoyed it w/ me. Yep - I know Ramos! He was recommended to me, too, when we moved back.:) But... I missed my atlanta cut. I used to plan to get one in Atl. whenever we came to visit. B/c short cuts can be feminine, or 9yo boyish, right? :) hope you have a fun weekend w/ your new hair =)