Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thoughtful Thursday

*Isn't it interesting that old mens' ears are so big.

*Ugly Betty was good again tonight!

*Still missing Luna, I sort of wish that I could have had her stuffed...That might seem wierd but Roy Rodgers did it to Trigger, and I can see why. It really pains me to think of my little, sweet dog out rotting in the ground. :(.

*Friends should mirror a spice rack. I have been noticing, over the past week, that mine are. I have my horseradish friend --she can always manage to clear my sinuses..hmm hmm.
I have my salt, a necessity in any recipe.
The sea salt, extra special staple.
The cinnamon, an essential for any sweet recipe.
And every now and then, you need a Bay leaf.
Thanks friends! Thanks for all your sweet thoughts!

good night


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Ugly Betty :)

Bethany said...

Now you are getting everyone to participate in Thoughtful Thurs. Just to figure out your spice analogy. :) Which is actually entertaining to ponder... ginger? Cumin?
Have a great weekend!

Susan said...

I wondered about Cumin too. I am not sure I have a Cumin...
I also thought about ginger.
Now the ginger friend could be the one who is always able to calm the nerves, you know, when you get the rumble in the tummy nervous feeling..hmm hmm.

rc said...
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