Monday, January 26, 2009

Chocolate Milk, or Bath Water?

Today at the grocery store Elena begged for Chocolate milk--yes, the M@ola kind, chock full of chocolate syrup and antibiotic residue and probably a bit of growth hormone.
WE bought her some.
After she ate five bites of supper I let her have about two ounces of it. Victor cleaned his plate and then got the chocolate milk.
Elena was in HEAVEN!
She went over to the window to stare out into the night and drink her chocolate milk....yum.
Then it was bath time.
In the bath tub both children pretended to cook etc. and they both drank small teaspoons of bath water--J&J's bubble bath included.

Ahhh..the places the imagination can take you.
Have y'all read the ingredient list on the back of the bubble bath...lots of chemicals. :)
Yes. I told them to stop after several sips.

I think this next baby is a health nut.
I have been craving ice and cilantro.
WTH?--but good I say, maybe I won't weigh 200lbs when I go to push it out. :).
With both Elena and Victor I wanted tons of Pepsi--gallons, and chocolate Breyer's Ice Cream with Milk, and bacon egg and cheese sandwiches--50lbs anyone?

I hope y'all voted in the contest. Emily is winning so far. ;).


Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

Man, simple pleasures! Wish I could be a kiddie again! That cracks me up about the ice and cilantro! When is your due date???

Bethany said...

Mmm, to both, say the kids. Mmm. Bath water? Tasty. Even though I threaten them that someone probably secretly weewee'd in it. Choc milk? Double yum. Betcha check labels for high fructose corn syrup now... :)

Susan said...


I have been checking for the HFCS--but that meet stuff has just totally FREAKED ME OUT!
I cannot stop thinking/worrying about it.

Susan said...


Due date: july 20th or so.
I want a leo baby--so maybe it will hang out in there a bit...
hee hee.