Friday, January 23, 2009

UB commentary and TGIF

Is anyone else tired of UB being ugly?
I am just a little sick of those bangs hanging in her eyes.
I have known mousy 30 year olds--some might say that I am mousy--this is all relative.
BUT, I do not know many who walk around with their bangs in their eyes.
And the braces, and glasses.
Couldn't they just give her a cute/nerdy haircut?
Change out the glasses?
I know her teeth might not be fixed yet--but couldn't they address that in the story line?
And last night when they "lost her dad"--All Andy and I could think was--Okay this man is probably 60, he probably caught a cab home.

The other parts of the show --still love it! :)
Willemina and her assistant and B's roomate etc.

TGIF--y'all keep your fingers crossed for me.
I am going to talk to the boss today about next year, when I will have three children under four, and I would like to work a four day week.
Just please keep them crossed. If you have negative vibes about it...just forget you read this. ;).
It will be hard to work 80% and still stay at the same school--but I am going to attempt it.
Today I am just going to talk to the boss about it. PUt the bug in his ear.
I am going to the table with absolutely no bargaining power. That is always nice, no?
So basically I will be saying, "don't you just want to do me a favor?"
Let's hope he does. :)
My mental state will be so much better, I believe.


Anonymous said...

I have not even been watching Ugly Betty so much this year..

Don't forget she's in her 20's...

I think that's a great idea about the 4 day week

By the way your bug blog was funny (Well not so funny but you wrote about it in an entertaining way!)

Bethany said...

Hey! I actually watched UB last night, so this is relevant for me too! haha My mom is visiting.. so I've been offline. Um, yeah, UB could go for a nerdy-cute look. But then they'd have to change the name to Nerdy-Cute Betty... it has a sort of ring to it.
And TGIF - hope the conversation goes well. I have a teacher friend here that is doing that. She works 7-11 for 4 days instead, - she does reading/special needs tutoring at a public elementary.