Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Does this shirt make me look??...

At supper:
Andy: So, is that shirt the new style?
Susan: What in the hell are you talking about?
It is old as hell Andy --it was could it be new style, you know I have not bought any maternity clothes.
Andy: Damn, you don't have to get so defensive, I did not know it was old, I swear, it looks like it's never even been washed to me.
Susan: Well, it is old, Andy and it came out of that giant tub of clothes that the teacher at school gave me.
Why, do you like it?
Andy: Well, no--I don't--(sly grin).

Frumpy as hell?
Did I care today? no. Did I convince myself that wearing make-up and fixing my hair could compensate for the ugly shirt? yes.
Did I even talk myself into being excited about it b/c it matched my black leg-squeezers? yes.
Will I wear it again? the jury's out--that depends on how much longer I have to wear the black leg-squeezers, and that depends on how much longer it stays cold.


The Spinellis said...

I think it's cute!

Susan said...

Thanks Melissa!

Bethany said...

Susan! You look so cute and young! Are you sure you are a married mama of almost 3? :) I totally think the hair and makeup distraction worked. The shirt is not bad - because you layered it, thereby making it fashionable. Besides, the things we wear when pregnant are rarely related to things we would wear when not pg. Right? I have never been so frustrated with clothes. Have an awesomely thankful Thurs... And really, you should post more conversations betw. you & Andy :) It always makes me grin...