Monday, February 23, 2009


There are some catalogs that I get because I have directly pedir(ed) them. For example, J.J!ll, and G@rnet H!ll. These two are ones that I get clothes from occasionally. Sometimes, though, your name ends up on a catalog list and you really wonder what you did to get one that one.
The other night E. and I sat down to do some catalog shopping (looking) and here are two funny things I found:
a t-shirt that says, "I used to care, but I take a pill for that now."
and a pillow that says, "I'll have a cafe mocha vodka valium latte please"
That one just cracked me up! :)
E laughed just as hard as me even though she did know why the pillow was funny.
So, the mystery catalog came last Friday.
It is called B0$ton Pr0p3r. The stuff in it costs a fortune--98$ for a crocheted tank top--and all the women in it look JUST ALIKE.
No matter their matter their age.
They all have the following:
Big Breast implants
Tons of collagen in their lips --like that Rina person or like hunter tyl0.
Chicken stick legs.
Shoulder length hair
Big tall cheeks (maybe implants, not sure)
It is truly freaky to look through this catalog.
How did I end up becoming a part of this target audience?
Why do women do this to themselves and make themselves look this way. They all just look like a bunch of dumba$$es to me, of course. Is this, maybe, a rich man's mistress catalog? (that came to me as I am typing).
Gross--BTW--one day people are going to look back and this whole big lipped thing is going to be what giant wall bangs were for the late 80s, all but hair is free to grow, and the hairspray was relatively cheap. Or, maybe like when it was in style among some make-up circles to line the lips--outside of the actual red part --with a dark lip pencil and then paint the inside in with a lighter color. btw i never got this one either...I guess those same people who lamented the lack of lips just decided instead of painting them on, they would stuff them????

Happy shopping! :)

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Bethany said...

Ha, just saw Nadya Su!eman on tv... queen of those lips! Awful! Hope you're right, but that ppl will look at that *soon* and say WTH? That mocha latte pillow is funnny :)