Sunday, February 22, 2009

weekend recap

too tired to use capitals--or complete sentences? we'll see.
Durham was great!--forgot the camera, so no fotos.
**Went to the MALL! (rediscovered that andy is the worst mall buddy ever as he points out that everything is over-priced) :) He quickly re-learned that my sanford and son genes basically only allow me to gain INSPIRATION at the mall (unless the shirt is on sale for something like 3.99). 3.99 also happens to be the price i will pay for a spiced chai ice storm from the nordstrom's cafe every time i am in that mall!!! they just make me remember e as a baby and strolling with her feeling on top of the world.
YAY mall!
**Went to the federal to eat and sit outside in the best company with some sips of guiness and a big ole cheeseburger (yes, i am sure it was feed-lot cattle) ugh...but a good burger, and a good little bit of guiness.
**Went shopping at my old haunts around our old house. :)super great!
**went to our old house in durham and dug up my baby's daffodils. this one was too embarrassing for andy (my connection to daffodil bulbs?) so he stayed at the bar and jennifer was my partner in crime. e's daffodils are now happily transplanted to the bird bath in our yard. ;). my mama has always done stuff like this. i question that it is really strange, and the people who live in the house now were like, "sure, whatver, we'll get you a shovel."
**went to a funnnnn!! party and talked and watched people get buzzed. and got to see a singing elvis guy.
**stayed at the marriot where we used to go and get drinks sometimes when we went to shows at the carolina th3@tre. staying in a hotel is a big deal for me, as we never stayed in them growing up. we always stayed at our beach cottage...we only ever went to the beach and this is no exageration. i can remember most of the hotels i have ever stayed in. ;). ha! so the marriot was super fun. 15 pillows on the bed and a big ole down comforter on a king size bed.
**ate a good breakfast at Madhatt3r's bakery.

It was just really fun.
now i procrastinate getting a bit of work done before tomorrow, which i think i am not going to do.

happy monday!

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