Monday, February 16, 2009

Misc. y Valentine's Day

Here are some pictures of the past week or so:

I cannot remember their order right now so here are the explanations--out of order.
We flew kites in the field last week b/c it was windy.
My mama and I took Elena to a baby shower last weekend on Sunday--fun. I love to watch people get lots of baby stuff--with first babies. The girl is a dear friend of my family, so it was extra special. :).
My sister came to visit this past weekend. She enjoyed fish tacos with vegetables in them (they are picky around her house so they mostly stick with the kits) Here I make what I think is yummy, vamos, if I am cooking, and if any one person does not like it--well they can have the classic cucumbers dipped in ranch dressing. :)
Andy got tulips for me for vAlentine's day--which is what he has been getting for me for years now. So sweet! :)
I got Elena and my nieces a little, cute box, (una cajita) with a ballerina on it y a little satin pillow inside.
I think that might be all the pictures that I posted.
It would have been fun to picn!k or something to make these cute, but I am tooooo tired! :)

good days...


Anonymous said...

Cool! HOw are you?? How is the pregnancy going?

Bethany said...

I enjoyed the pics... :)