Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sexist Parents

"Victor, sit in my wap, I will help you pway DS."

Another bone to pick:
I was just reading another blog and the person was writing 25 things about herself.
One of them was, something like, "I think it is so much easier to have boys/raise boys than girls."
This person had a daughter.
Does anyone else find this incredibly offensive?
How could a WOMAN say this?
I feel sorry for her daughter.
God winked at me and Andy and I have one of each, and I must say that any differences in parenting them have to do with their PERSONALITIES not their genitalia.
She said something about--girls are just too emotional and young girls are mean and catty....
EXcuse me very much...speak for your own offspring. My daughter is loving and nurturing and adventurous! (Maybe her daughter needs a bit more time with her dad? Maybe she is not a well-adjusted child?).
WEll, having your mother say things like that certainly would not help much either.
I wonder if she tells her to not even attempt her math homework b/c girls can't do math?
What a shame to have such a negative attitude towards one's own child.

Now, don't get me wrong --people often say, "i hope I have a ..."
They have a preference for whatever reason...that's one's business.
But if you have a daughter --it is a shame to be a woman hater!
Does this woman hate herself? When she was a little girl was she catty?
Was she whiny and overly-emotional?
There is a solution to catty--my mama did not allow anyone in her presence to gossip or say mean things about anyone else (and she did not care whose kid you were in the backseat, either, she would tell you), and she raised a daughter who was not catty.

I happen to hang out with mostly other women who are not catty...WTH?

nuff bone pickin...

I am off to make my WONDERFULLY GREAT AND EASY-TO-RAISE daughter come to the table and eat her supper. :)


Bethany said...

Elena & Isabella would have great conversations :) Sheesh. Totally does depend on personality. Cole is so dramatic and sensitive - not typical "boy" stuff. Have friends, preg. w/ 1st, and he wished for boys b/c they are "easier..." so apparently the propaganda is out there about {sweet} little girls.

Susan said...

Yeah, and all I can think when people say, "I hope I have a boy." and it is for that reason is...
I sure hope you have one then!