Monday, March 30, 2009

The baby bump!

Okay, the bump this time is really big.
Andy says that it is the biggest one yet...
Victor is in such a mama's boy stage he and wants to be carried all the ME!
This equals..back pain. But he is sort of irresistable, and he knows that i won't say no.
Here is the picture:

Here is another picture of Victor in his big boy bed.
We put the crib in the attic for a while.
This bed was my mama's when she was a little girl! She slept in this bed in her mama and daddy's bedroom. :) We had to have the mattress made and Andy's mama had to make sheets for it--which were made for Elena so they are a bit girlie. Who cares?
V. was so excited that his face lit up like a Christmas tree! He immediately wanted to play cars in the bed, all while snuggling My-My(his elephant) and drinking a hot milk bottle. So sweet!

In every picture I take of V. he is saying, "mama, i wa see" He wants to see the picture he is in --so he cannot sit still to get his picture taken.

Here is Elena with the Turtle that was in our yard Sunday.
She will pick up any bug or lizard or worm or anything...which makes playing in the yard really fun.

Of course she wanted to hold it like a baby, upside down, and feed it leaves.
So cute!


Bethany said...

I love this! You surprised me with your bump pic - that is a healthy Eva! :) And the switch to a big boy bed... very sweet... E's boldness tells me just how "city" we've become around here. A turtle in the yard, very exciting. I'm excited to see you in a week!

Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

You look adorable to me, I love pregnant ladies, except me! I cannot wait to meet Eva!