Sunday, March 29, 2009

Has it occurred

to anyone else out there that juices that say they have 50% less of everything (sugar/calories) are just watered down juice?
Do those commercials bug y'all too?
The one I just saw was Cutie pie Kyr@ sedgewhatever dancing around in her kitchen, with her cutie pie shoes on and her size 0 jeans.
She was like that, of course, b/c she drinks 50% less concentrated juice.
But if she is smart she also just buys regular juice, and if she wants it to have 50%less she just puts four oz. instead of 8 and puts the rest water, no?

Do these commercials bug y'all too? Do y'all water down juice?


Bethany said...

Yep, we always water down juice, even for Cole at 7yrs. Even for myself! And yeah, why pay the same or sometimes more, for them to water it down for you and market it as "more healthful?"

Susan said...

the main question might be, as a populace are we that big a sucker?
I know that I am a sucker...but even I don't fall for this one...who does?

Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

Yep, I water it down too!