Friday, March 27, 2009

varias cosas del viernes

gallery of....
That is what just came up when I g00gled 23 wks. Pr3gnant.
Who in the world wants to look at that?
Who is the world could resist? Not me. :)
It was just as terrible as I imagined.

on Fr0g and to@d. E. and I read andy's old book tonight before she went to bed.
I just love fr0g and to@d.
I can still remember a girl on the bus reading me the ice cream story out of her reading book when I was little--I would have to have been in Kindergarten.
It's the one where to@d goes to get them some ice cream and it melts all over him and he begins to look like a monster...very funny.

15 lbs. gained so far --my goal was to gain only 20 the whole time.
Well, I have 17 weeks to go and a five lb. leeway. anyone who reads this, and knows me, knows that i am an eater, not a I think I am going to have to bump it up a bit.

The rain today was sooooo pretty here. It was the gentle spring kind that falls straight down and looks like a shower.
I was having my workday at school and i was the only one in my room, so it was nice to just do m3dicaid billing and listen to the rain.

bueno--that's all folks!
hope you had a good week. :)

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Bethany said...

We love Frog & Toad! It is so sweet to re-live childhood memories thru little books... :) I am going to dig those out of the book box today.
OK, so if you up it a little, why not shoot for 27lbs? Reasonable gain for tasty enjoyment, reasonable, I say! Have a great weekend... oh yeah -library bonanza: started reading Oscar Wao, AND Last Child. in Woods. :)