Thursday, April 16, 2009

The beach

Our beach trip was grey and cold and rainy and...
we had a good time.
granted, we had to spend money to have fun...we could not just veg. on the beach and eat sandwiches and relish in the wonderfulness of outdoor showers...
Let's see...
*played in the ditch (free)a particularly fun ditch..there is no telling how many hours my sister and I played in this ditch when we were little. We caught tadpoles and watched them and squeeled and tried not to fall in (i am usually the one who does the falling in, and i managed not to.)
*we painted ceramic things at a ceramic painting place --a giant kitty cookie jar, and a train bank. we just let them paint however they wanted which means we will soon have a kiln fired mud-brown train bank (all the paint got mixed of course) "toma chain" and a rainbow kitty with mud brown areas--elena no longer mixes paint and is into rainbow stuff right now.
*we went to the pier and played arcade games two times--b/c andy and i liked it. :)
our kids are actually too small to really enjoy this--like the actual game part-
but they had fun running around pushing lots of buttons and lighting up stuff.
*i shopped--oh no you didn't! yep, i did.
*andy and i got to go out to eat! oh yeah! my cousin came and she kept the bebes. sweet. --she also shopped with me btw. she is a master shopper. :)
*we built sand castles in the freezing cold sea mist on the beach--free too--but freezing cold sea mist is not my idea of fun..i might as well not be at the beach. freezing cold sea mist and the beach should not even be associated with one another in my mind.

and last...drumroll please!!....
we waited for 3.0 hours for some fUck#rs and the tire place to PATCH the GD tire!!!
yes, 3 hours.
colony tire anyone?--Yes we will be putting a real tire in the back for the spare..there is a reason my daddy has always done this for me, and now we know why. :).

today i had to do the glucose thing at the dr. office--i cruised in to the appt. just in the nick of time--my mama had already called them to tell them the tire deal, and they were sweet to me about it.
anyways...the doc. explained that b/c of my history of having big babies and my "age" hmm hmm..he wanted my glucose level to be under 135. i was nervous b/c i have been having some pesismistic days..well
it was 85! hell yeah! go pancreas!

bueno, i am tired as hell. there is no telling how i am going to unwind to get to sleep...maybe a couple tums..some us we#kly...sounds fun, no?

buenas noches!

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Bethany said...

Yay, been waiting for your post. :) Your AGE?! WTH!! But way to go, 85! Whew. Glad you had fun despite the weather, because, yeah, beach and cold sea mist do not belong together... ;)