Thursday, July 9, 2009

Don't do it!!

Okay, I have reached the breaking point with my latest typing error/spelling error that pushes me over the edge!!
Wanna know what it is?
It's when people put apostrophes on word's they are making plural--like I just did...can you spot it? right up there ..

If you are typing a word that is a plural---IT DOES NOT NEED AN APOSTROPHE!!
Including, but not limited to, a last name.
If your family's last name is...oh let's go with Hill.
Then you are the Hills--not the Hill's

If you are going to the store to buy bananas--buy some bananas--not banana's
I got to my breaking point last night when I was reading a paper--supposedly has a copy editor, no? Well, they commited the snafu--and it was in an excerpt from another book which also, I am assuming, had been edited by someone....oooohhhhh...
Just, don't do it. :)

On a not-so-bossy note,

I have some cool pictures in the camera.
We found this big ole caterpillar--I mean almost freakishly big--and we put it in the bug box. I thought I would let Elena leave it in there for a day or so, and check it out...
Well, it turned itself into a cocoon over night, and so there it has stayed...for about a month...
Guess what...
Today THE BIGGEST MOTH OR BUTTERFLY emerged from this cocoon--way cool and exciting. :)
Also today, we have spent several hours cleaning out the car--which I LOVE A CLEAN CAR!!
and sweet Caroline came over to organize the playhouse--which is complete. :)

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Bethany said...

I like your Elements of Style posts :) why do people ever get rid of those books?! The last name thing is like a tradition. No one stops to think about it, or even knows why it's done that way. It drives me crazy - and yet I think i have possibly done it accidentally sometimes! Ack! We got a wedding gift door-knocker with The Lear's on it. Never hung it. Can't wait to see the moth/b-fly and playhouse! Clear that camera quick.