Monday, July 27, 2009

strange coincidence

Two things have happened to me recently that were just so strange and coincidental, they must be reported...

*We have a fisher Pr!ce CD in the car that we listen to over and over again. One song is about a kookabura--a bird. Until I heard this song I had never heard of this bird in my life. We sing this song all the time when we sing along to that CD. Well, the other day in the library I was looking in the children's non-fiction section for a book about dogs and there it was--a book that popped out at me, entitled, "Kookabura"!! So, we, of course checked it out so we could see what one looks like etc.
Then, a day later, I was watching Tod@y with H0d@ and Kathy L33. They had a guest come on with animals, and what did the guest bring? A Kookabura!

*The other day at the library I was looking for my book that I wanted, another one by Emily Giffin, and the book, "Camille" popped out at me b/c it was written by Alexander Dumas (also wrote The Count of Monte Cristo). I checked it out--he is a good story teller. So, then we watched Annie on Saturday night and in the scene when Daddy Warbucks takes her to the movies--the movie they see, "Camille"!! I listened to the dialogue in the movie and it was the same story as the book! Crazy....That book is about a prostitute and this man that loved her, and he is telling their love story to the narrator of the book--I wonder how much Annie enjoyed that story???

Now, this post gives away a couple things...
1. Yes. I have been watching the THIRD HOUR of Tod@y. But, I don't watch the first two..whew..
I CANNOT STAND Kathie l33...she is so rude to Hoda..they need to ditch her a$$ and put someone nice up there.

2. I have been at the library a lot! :)

Okay.. I am off!! to ...let's see... vacuum? hmmm..wash the fourth load of laundry today? pick some figs....hmmm..take a shower...what will I do?

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Bethany said...

OK, I am down w/ #2 - newborn nursing days are great for reading! #1? Ugh! Kathie L. ickity ick! :)