Saturday, July 25, 2009

wwmd? camping out, and special guests!!

so i am going to type this w/ 1 hand.

check out the picnic table under the carport. it cracks me up! very p0tt3rey b@rn,no? we try. sally the turtle has to live there, and the bubbles have 2b somewhere, bug spray needs 2b handy. WWm@rthaD?

andy set up the tent outside 2 nite.
how long do u think they will stay out there? hee hee...

yesterday one of my favorite people came for a visit! herb man! my dr. from about five yrs. ago. he and his wife were on the way 2 the beachand they stopped 4 a visit.

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Bethany said...

ha! WWMD? Tell me, when you figure it out. It's the Law of Plenty - when you have plenty of kids (and now you qualify!), whatever can survive the outdoors, goes out back. Hey, that table is your creative space, a la travelingmama! heehee...