Saturday, July 25, 2009

the vulture cardinal

We have a bird feeder right outside the kitchen window.
I just recently put seeds in it.
It has been so fun to watch!
There is a squirrel who hangs by his toenails to get some seeds.
There is the mockingbird who bullies everyone b/c his nest is at the top of the tree.
There is also a cardinal, who must live in our yard, who has no feathers on the top of his head.
This makes him look very much like a vulture.
It is sort of pitiful.
It makes me wonder....did the mockingbird peck his head so much that his feathers came out?
Did another cardinal do this to him?
Was he just born that way?
At any rate, he lives in our yard, and he is always out there, getting some seeds.

I will try to get a picture of could I do that?
Through the kitchen window? maybe?

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Bethany said...

We were just talking about "our" cardinal yesterday. He has the opposite problem of yours - we call him crazy cardinal, because he has a bad hairdo. His head feathers are all askew. :) Enjoy your bird-watching! It's soothing...