Thursday, July 23, 2009

Baby E

Baby E is doing well.
She is snuggly and precious.
She is a good nurser!
She is calm and patient.

Andy and I get to experience one more time our favorite new born baby stuff.
Favorite face: The birdy bird face.
The lips go into the shape of an O and the eyebrows arch and the head goes back and cute!
Favorite pose--when you pick a newborn up and the stretch and stick out their buns and arch their backs and hold their little arms up!! so sweet!

She hates to get bathed.
She loves to snuggle.

We love her!


Laura Smith said...

I love the birdy face!!! I call Tyson my little bird! It is so sweet! I am glad she is doing well! What do her 'big sis' and 'big brother' think about her?

Susan said...

Big sister--gives her kisses every morning and loves to help get stuff for her bath.
Big brother--well, he is just very two right he is into everything Victor--what victor is playing, what belongs to victor, what will victor do next... :)
He is sweet to her though.