Wednesday, July 22, 2009


This is what Victor was doing yesterday when I repeatedly asked him to come to me to get his clothes on.
"Victor, come here..I am going to put your clothes on you."
"No, I not, I do my beach ball tricks" (followed by laughter)
This went on for four or five turns and then I just had to get the camera and take pictures of him doing the beach ball tricks.
Ughh...He turns me into a softee--my style of parenting has usually been more like this,
"Victor come here, right now and get your clothes on"
--Let's just say, if I have to come get you, you are in trouble...
Right now I cannot pick him up so he really does have to be a good listener and come when I call.
..or not! :)


A Beautiful Mess said...


when my kids don't do what I ask them the first time I call it "delayed obedience"....there going to do it but it will probably take at least one more request...followed by the standard " You should do it the first time I ask, then I won't have to nag you!!!"

hows the baby?

Bethany said...

There is one of those kids for every parent - the one that makes you give them an extra inch... :) (I am soft with Isabella)
He is such a cutie... blond hair and dark eyes are such a striking combo.

Laura Smith said...

Congratulations! How is baby E?