Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Trailer Park Tuesday #5

Here are the pictures of this week's trailer park.
I like this one a lot.
The trailers are painted all different colors.
This one is a lot like one of my favorites in Alamance County b/c the trailers are old, but the people just keep fixing them up. They are painted all kinds of colors, and there are gardens and flowers and porches added on.
This trailer park also had some really run down ones too--that is sad to me--Esp. when there are people living in them and they look that way. :(.
You can see the name of it on the sign. It is in Washington and it is on the road where I lived when I was little--but I do not remember this one...my bus must not have stopped there.
When I rode through this afternoon everyone was outside playing--adults and children..hanging out, riding bikes etc. In contrast--when I went through "one of the most desirable" (quoting the real estate ads) neighborhoods on the way home--there was no one outside playing or hanging out...hmmm...
I am thinking the folks in the trailer park probably felt better when they went inside to eat supper than all the other folks who were cooped up inside all day...

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