Monday, July 20, 2009

The Dairy Palace

AKA--my house right now!--just kidding. :)
We actually have a place called the Dairy Palace here.
It is an old place, a drive-up food window place.
Check out the sign they have hanging on the window!
They serve THE BEST soft serve ice cream.
They also specialize in anything grease--and it is good too!
The other day I called Sissy and I asked, "where are you?" and she said, "at the dairy palace, getting some grease!" :)
Yum. It is right one hwy. 17. I wonder if anyone ever stops there besides people from here.
It used to be open until 2AM--now they close around 9PM or so.

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Bethany said...

Chuck wagon grease, get in my belly! I miss the chili cheeseburgers...That new sign got me - too funny! :) Ah, a piece of home. People that are not from there are probably scared to stop there! heehee