Saturday, July 18, 2009


Baby E. Finally arrived.
Andy and I went to the hospital on Wed. morning at 6:45.
We were told we could stay but there would be a wait, as someone else had just arrived who had a spontaneous labor--not induced, and after her, I could have my induction.
So we waited all day--until 3;30 --the other lady was a first time mother.
At 3:30 they took me back to start a pitocin drip, and at 5:30 the Dr. broke my water.
Baby E. arrived at 6:20.
It started to really hurt at 6:00--and by 6:20 I was finished! :)
There were no tubes/drugs etc.--besides the pitocin--which turned out not to be as bad as I had convinced myself that it might be.

Here are some pictures:
The ones that are not of E. are of the moth from the story the other day! He was huge and beautiful.
There is one of V. man. He has loved on baby--i just don't have a picture yet :).


Bethany said...

Congratulations!!!!! She is just beautiful and big and perfect. Susan, you look great!! So glad it was fast and not too bad. :) Was Dr. Easley on call? Mom and I were just oohing an aahing over the baby pix... That moth is very cool too, we recently read a book about one like that. Yay, E is finally here!

Melissa said...

Congrats on little Eva! She is so cute! Yay!!

A Beautiful Mess said...

sooo pretty ( seriously not all babies are pretty:)

Congrats everyone looks happy and healthy!!

You need to have more babies! If you can shoot them out that quick!!

Susan said...


i have completed my baby shooting mission. :)

Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

Sus and family! Congrats on your addition of Baby E, she is just gorgeous and I am so good that everything went so smoothly! We love you guys and please post more pics when you have time, I know it must be crazy around your house right now! YAY!!!!!

The Sigmons said...

susan-you may not remember meeting me, but i'm morgan's sister-in-law nicole! just wanted to say congrats on finally having the baby! she is adorable! also, wanted to let you know how much i enjoy reading your blog...especially the ones about delivery and of course 'trailer park tuesday' take care!