Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Trailer Park Tues. #4

These trailer park images were sent to me by my friend Shannon--who lives in Alamance County. She also shared commentary. :)
Thanks Shannon.
This one is called Cedar Ridge. She says it is one of her favorites b/c the folks have good landscaping and the trailers seem more permanent, and well-kept.
I like the gold one--I hope I put that one up here--it is soooo 60s looking, no?
the way the ends jut out...
She is also going to get some pics--if she has time, of my favorite two Alamance Co. trailer parks.
Alamance County is just a beautiful place! The land there is rolling hills--It is just really pretty.
Thanks again Shannon! :)

I'm still here.....yes.
No baby yet.
We are patiently waiting--until tomorrow, when they are going to induce labor. Whoever reads this can just cross your fingers for me that this thing goes alright.
The idea of medical interventions basically terrifies me!!! tubes. meds. whatever else...
I really wish that b/t now and then that I could just go into labor...but I've been wishing that, now haven't I? :)


Bethany said...

You get points for being so consistent w/ your Tues. trailers, and for getting friends to help! :) This one has good features - nice landscaping makes such a difference.

Susan said...

One of my comments lost itself incyberspace.- i approved it! wth?
I think this series will go until labor day....
with the occasional reappearance--b/c there are two parks at the beach which MUST be featured! ;)

A Beautiful Mess said...

never been in a trailer. Don't have many of those up north...cuz its coooold!

Tell that bebe...mama said out!!

Susan said...

You have never been in a TRAILER! Get ye to a trailer park, girl!

Anonymous said...

Hey Susan! Im back from Vacation and glad to see your Trailer Park Tuesday is up..can't wait to hear your baby news on Eva, keep us posted !!! :)