Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thankful Thursday

This is the V-man in all his two-year old glory! Sportin the Dora sunglasses upside down--at the "beach" with my my and in the background? That is My-my's towel hanging up. ;). So sweet!

Our wonderful watermelon--I ought to be embarrassed to put this picture up b/c of the way that table looks...good lord! ;).
Today I am thankful for:

Poopies in the potty--TMI I KNOW!!!
But Victor has accomplished this in the past couple of days--and I am so thrilled!

Dr.s who are understanding and accomodating. Eva got shots today, and the folks at the peds office now know that I am a neurotic mama bear who will ask a bazillion questions, and then tell them no thanks on a shot.

Gardens--we have had some yummy stuff out of ours. Our watermelons looked funky so we had no cut one yet.
Yesterday Victor busted one with the hoe (kid sized hoe of course) and it was RIPE! So we ate it. :)

People who know how to cut hair! I went yesterday and a new girl cut it --the right way!! She was in school a year ahead of my sister, and we sort of knew eachother--in that small town way...anyway--she fixed the disaster! I am so pleased--picture will follow. :)

And folks who are crafty/talented and compassionate all at the same time--like Tina over at travelingmama--she and her family live in Morocco and have for several years. I love her blog--you can get to it via borderland traveler-over to the right. She and her kiddies and esposo decided to help out a school that is near their house--by getting a well--yes, some water--and a bathroom.
So if you are interested in looking at some cool etsy stuff AND helping out some kiddies--check out her blog and her etsy shop.
Yay Tina!
PS--I am totally jealous of you! :)--with all your travelin --

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Bethany said...

Yay, Thursday! I am still laughing at your table pic., it speaks a thousand words. And there is just {something} about 2 yr old boys. Sweet sweet! :)