Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Trailer park Tuesday #8

This week's trailer park is located in Mann's Harbor NC--the last little spot on the mainland when you cross the bridge to go over to Manteo and then to the beach.
I love this trailer park.
It is on the canals that go out to the sound.
I love it when the people who are sometimes thought to be on the low end of the totem pole end up with prime real estate.
I have told my mom many times that sometimes i just wish that I could just have a mindless job that did not cause worry and just leave work on a friday and get my 12 pack of beer and go home to my cheap trailer that i rent and drink my beer and go fishing on my little cheap boat and never worry about anything.
I think I mostly said this when I was in college.
Now, though, I mostly don't worry.
I enjoy my situation, for the most part, and I realize that there is no such thing as a no-worry situation--
everyone's got their own set of worries, and unless you just decide to make it that way and just decide you are not going to worry about your job/money etc.

Anyway when I pictured the non-worry scenario this trailer park is what i think I was picturing...
It also reminds me of the scene (one of the funniest) in office space where the cubicle worker guy--the main guy--was talking to the construction worker about job stress and the breast exam commercial. HAHA!

bueno enjoy the pictures--taken by my mama--who managed to find me a bright, colorful trailer in this park--which was not visible from the road.

Notice the trailer that has the addition. :)
This is the last Trailer park Tuesday! :)
I think my mission was accomplished. My mama did a super job on this one. She usually reads my mind, and she has been following along. She is also quite the photographer. :)

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